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ESNA 2018: 10 Observations on the North American Energy Storage Market

The North American energy storage community convened in Pasadena, CA earlier this month for ESNA’s annual conference and expo. Around 2,000 speakers and attendees were in California for two days of networking events, briefings, site tours and a trade exhibition. The event covered all aspects of energy storage – and the electrification of transportation networks – in North America. Voltility was among those who travelled to California and here are our 10 key market take-outs.

S.B. 100 Will Push California’s Storage Market to The Next Level, But There Are Many Moving Pieces

Energy storage in California has been driven by legislative and regulatory policy. S. B. 100 – which sets a 100% clean electricity goal for California by 2045 – is the state’s latest policy driver and will undoubtedly accelerate storage targets and lead to more utility procurement. However, California is already ahead of its targets, plus there are a couple of other factors on the horizon that will likely influence the market.